4 reviews



Tried a sample of these in Costco today, so I went on and bought a pack. These have got to be one of the nicest sausages I’ve tasted, you can taste the herbs, and they aren’t as fatty as most sausages . Can’t wait to try the different varieties. Would recommend.

4 reviews



Absolutely loved them, a nice kick of heat however still able to taste the quality of the meat. We froze ours after purchase, which seems to have assisted the heat of the chilli marinate through the sausages

4 reviews



Saw the team at the Ideal Home Show today. Can proudly declare these sausages the best ever tasted as vouched for by my 7-year old.

4 reviews



Sampled some off this sausage on Saturday at Costco Thurrock, lovley tasting sasuage served by the two polite staff , look forward to seeing you again

4 reviews

Linda milczarek


hi they were promoting these sausages in costco,s highly recommend i purchased two packs please try would not buy any other sausages except these 10 out of 10

4 reviews

Brenda Thrower


Great and tasty as always

4 reviews

R Barton


Tried your honey &a mustard while on demo at Costco I must say that they were the nicest I have tried

4 reviews



Delicious sausages, will order more in the future

4 reviews

Ellie Stevens


Just right for two portions!

4 reviews

Nigel Blofield


Best tasting sausages, I 've had in a long while

4 reviews




Hi, I have tried this sausages at Costco in Milton Keynes. I have bought straight away 2 packs of sausages. It remember me the sausages I was eating in France. The best sausages I have eaten in U.K.

4 reviews

Suzanne Church


Bought these at Game Fair Ardingly and just had to re order online Fabulous.

4 reviews



I bought sausages at a show having tasted the samples. They are wonderful. The casing is superb so no need for a hacksaw to get through it. Flavour excellent. I highly recommend. Pity there isn't a shop in West Sussex!!

4 reviews

Brenda Thrower


Supreme Sausages have never lost there quality and goodness from the very first time I started buying them.

4 reviews

Diane Thomas


Eventually decided to join the Sausage Club because it was the easiest way to have a selection of the most delicious sausages in the freezer.

5 reviews

joseph rodger

16/03/2018I have enjoyed your sausages - thank you

5 reviews



Absolutely perfect for pigs in blankets

5 reviews



I bought these last year. Made fabulous pigs in blankets as well as being delicious solo. I will definitely be buying more this year.

4 reviews

Jane Blackwell


Bought sausages from Cheltenham Races, lovely.

5 reviews

Ellie Stevens

16/03/2018Excellent sausages and good value too!

3 reviews

John17/10/2017I couldn't remember where I bought these. I found them in the freezer, defrosted them and just had them for my tea. I love pork and tomato sausage, but have been forever searching for the best ones I can find. Morrisons own, were pretty good, and some from my local butcher were also up there as one of my favourites. These however, have just blown all others out if the water. The best I've ever had. So I went online and found the company that make them. Low and behold, I must have bought them at the Great Yorkshire Show. I will be buying some more. Fantastic.

6 reviews

T. and D. Holman.17/10/2017Having just returned from the 2017 Great Dorset Steam Fair after a year's absence, we were happy to find that your "Supreme" sausage stall was still there, in the food marquee, in the same spot..attended by that friendly, efficient lady on the counter along with the man who was doing the biz as well.Your sausages have to be one of the best we probably have had...well...ever! And after eating them had to return and thank them, not only for those great sausages, but for the engaging, professional service they provide..You folks are definitely on to an absolute winner!.. OH! And, of course we couldn't resist placing an order just now off your web site..Hooray for you all!!

5 reviews

Brenda Parsons17/10/2017Beautiful sausages. I discovered them at this years Chatsworth Show. Very meaty and extremely tasty.

Donna Waterfield


These sausages are the best I have ever tasted as they use fresh leek. The vension ones are good as are the cider ones. Well worth the money and fast delivery too!



It is not often I will take the time to rifle through my recycling bin and take out pieces of cardboard, but in the case of external (website containing) sleeve of the packet of Supreme Sausages my family just consumed for dinner, I made an exception. So after a hearty meal of Chalgrove Pork Sausages, corn on the cob and cauliflower cheese, I am left pondering when I last had a family cooked meal that was so good. The star of the show as I'm sure you are now aware was the sausages - and after 36 years of being on this planet realising that I'm not sure I've had a better sausage. Hence my reason for emailing. On a rainy afternoon in mid Devon where I now live with my family, you must question as I did how the packet of sausages came to our table so far away. The answer is a simple one. After being brought up in Pyrton just down the road from your base, my mum still packs me off every time we visit with the best her freezer had to offer and I'm going to ring up and thank her tonight, as I do you, for introducing me to the finest sausage I've ever tasted. As a wise person said once to me (my fiance to give her just credit) said that this world is too full of stories of negativity and people highlighting flaws in each other. Well tonight, on this wet evening in Devon, you have made a family of four very happy. We wanted to tell you that you are doing an excellent job and we will be buying more of your sausages when we come to visit mum and dad at the end of August. Have a good day and keep up the good work!

Priory Press Packaging


Is supreme enough hyperbole for how good these sausages are? One of our favourites!

Natalie Nicholls


First met these guys are Royal Highland Show, Ingliston while I was a student, and they we giving out free samples. As you know, student + free food = instant win, but having tasted these, I parted with the scant student cash and bought some packs as the were so f**king amazing. Thus began my ongoing affair with the company.

Now is you are looking for the tasteless, bog standard crap jog along elsewhere. Seriously. These sausages are like sex on a plate. So many varieties, and the GF varieties, while less in number are amazing too (I've tried both, on multiple occasions). Apart from sausages, there is sausage meat (stuff that bird!) and seasonal flavours.

So in short, sod the supermarket stuff, and go with these. You won't regret it.



Hilary Cooper


I have been in the sausage club for many years now and am exceedingly happy with the quality and price of these super bangers and other products. I will stay in the sausage club for many years to come!

Eleanor Hunt


Tried tasters of Supreme Sausages at the Ideal Home Show, and then saw your stand at the Devon County Show while there with the family. My husband purchased four different packs and we finished off last week. They were absolutely delicious and we were both really impressed with how little fat came out of all four packs while cooking. Fantastic sausages, amazing flavour, and well priced. We will definitely order again.

6 reviewsMarilyn25/04/2017Really tasty will order more

15 reviews

Victoria Borwick06/04/2017I have been a Supreme Sausages Club member for several years and their sausages are always delicious, arrive promptly and they are a really friendly company to deal with - thank you for many happy meals.

2 reviewsLiz06/04/2017Great sausages, consistent quality

3 reviewsBryan Miller22/12/2016We brought these last week at the Birmingham christmas fair, and have just finished off the pack of these we brought in a toad in the hole. Nom nom nom... Will definitely be getting more.

5 reviewsPaul Holmes22/12/2016Sampled these at the Good Food show at the NEC yesterday. Yum! Just HAD to take some home. Into the freezer? I don't think so! :)

3 reviewsDebbie Lowe18/11/2016We've tried these sausages at lots of different country shows over the years and fell in love at first bite, we almost always buy some to take home. Discovering the Sausage Club was a total epiphany!! Absolutely epic idea, so signed up straight away rather than having to wait until the next time you guys are in town... Can't wait for my first delivery.

13 reviewsJ Wood18/11/2016Kids love the sausages just as much as we do!

13 reviewsBrenda Thrower18/11/2016Supreme Sausages never disappoint. Always good value for money.

13 reviewsLesley Lansley01/08/2016The sausages are really excellent and the delivery is exactly to the letter of my request date and time thank you .

 Brenda Thrower 27th January 2016 - Gold Membership - New/Existing Member - Always value for money and Gluten Free which is a bonus.

 Paul Williams 15th December 2015 - Pork & Leek Sausages - Tried these at the Bath Christmas Market, loved it so much brought three packs.  Can't wait to try them with mash and gravy.

 Christine 12th December 2015 - Pork, Tomato and Black Pepper Sausages - I purchased these at Bath Christmas Market this week. Thoroughly enjoyed them.

 Emma 17th November 2015 - Pork, Apple & Chestnut Sausagemeat - I have used this sausage meat for the past two years - it is delicious!!  I use it instead of stuffing the turkey as the perfect accompaniment. Also brilliant sliced in a sandwich.

 Stephen Price 22nd September 2015 – Existing Platinum Member - Great tasting sausages as usual.

 Tash 1st September 2015 - Homemade Black Pudding - I had some in my breakfast bun at Towersey and had to buy my own to take home.  Lovely, with a great balance of spices.

 Jessica Gossage 1st August 2015 - 12 Pack Special - Just to say a big thank you  - wonderful sausages as always! Our annual summer BBQ event- “Sausages at the Gossages”- would not be the same without them!

 Alison Wilson 22nd July 2015 - Pork & Leek Sausages - We bought 5 packs of different sausages at the Yorkshire Show. I have to say, it's my husband that loves sausages - I'm not keen.  Having tasted what we got, I am a convert ! They are the best sausages I have ever had ! We have had the pork and the pork and leek so far.  We will definitely be getting more....

 Malcolm Unwin 15th July 2015 - Existing Gold Member - 2nd Delivery - I have been very pleased with the quality and selection of the products. The delivery is very efficient too. The only problem I had was logging in on the website.  However, when I speak to your office, the response is friendly and helpful. It is good to speak to someone anyway!!

 Stephen Price 7th July 2015 - British Farmed Steak Burgers - These burgers out taste all the local "organic" and local farmed produce.  I wouldn't be without them.

 Stephen Price 7th July 2015 - Existing Platinum Member - 2nd Delivery - Continues to be a good product range.  Keeps me coming back!

 Susan 18th June 2015 - Existing Gold Member - 2nd Delivery - Money well spent - really fantastic sausages.

 Paul Layden 14th May 2015 - Existing Gold Member - 2nd Delivery - Lovely sausages, good value for money.

 Heather Waterhouse 1st May 2015 - Existing Gold Member - 2nd Delivery - Best sausages ever - am trying the burgers next - can't wait.

 Steve and Helen 26th April 2015 - Traditional English Pork Sausages - These are absolutely the best sausages we have ever tasted.  We tried them at a Christmas food exhibition and were hooked; we will never buy shop bought ones again!  We have now been in the Sausage club for 2 years and have never looked back!

 Richard & Lucy Unwin 2nd April 2015 - Existing Gold Member - 1st Delivery - Can't wait to receive our first pack of sausages as a Christmas gift.

 Mike Thomas 11th February 2015 - Pork, Venison and Mushroom Sausages - My wife and I recently visited Bath Christmas Market, where we tried your Pork, Venison & Mushroom sausages.  Got to say this is one of the best sausages we have ever tasted.  And also the young gentleman who we spoke to at the stand was a mind of information on your product - a real pleasure to speak to. We will be recommending your products to all our friends.  All the best for the future.  Mike & Ang - Wales.

 Veronica Brown 16th December 2014 - Existing Gold Member - 1st Delivery - Been a club member for many years - excellent sausages, excellent service, excellent value.

 Steve Humphries 3rd December 2014 - The 16 Pack Special - The products you offer are of real quality and we will use your company again.

 Nathan Smith 27th November 2014 - Pork, Venison and Mushroom Sausages - The bang, bang of bangers!  Tried these today and was so impressed I brought three packs; I’m actually eating them now!

 Steve Strickland 10th October 2014 - Traditional English Pork Sausages - Bought these sausages at the Gardens World Show, NEC and they were gorgeous.  Even the kids are asking for more, so just placed an order for 12 packets.  Cannot wait for them to come.

 Wendy 10th October 2014 - Gold Membership - New/Existing Member - Great value for money and very tasty sausages.  Good delivery service.

Alex Rarity 7th September 2014 - Homemade Black Pudding - One of the best Black Puddings I have had for a long time and I am Scottish.

 Alison 7th September 2014 - Toulouse Sausages - Bought these today at Woking Food Festival. Unbelievable amazing taste and outstanding quality.  Would recommend everyone to try them!!

 Jamie 7th September 2014 - Traditional English Pork Sausages - I first tasted the sausages at the BBC Good Food Festival in Hampton Court and I could not stop thinking of them.  I want everyone to know about these sausages because they truly are the best!

 Christopher Greenwood - 6th August 2014 - Existing Gold Member - 2nd Delivery - Product is excellent.  Staff are charming.

 Karen 24th July 2014 - Existing Gold Member - 2nd Delivery - This offer is well worth the money and all the sausages are delicious.

 Vic 18th July 2014 - Existing Member – 2nd Delivery - Just took delivery of my order and tried the Wild Boar & Apple Sausages. If the rest of the order is as good, we won’t be disappointed "perfick".  Plus the staff (Cathy) was absolutely brilliant, thanks.

 Jayne 14th June 2014 - Existing Member - 2nd Delivery - Well worth the money - lovely sausages.

 David Stewart 13th June 2014 - Existing Member - 2nd Delivery - Sausages are maintaining their very high quality.

 David Stewart 13th June 2014 - Existing Member - 2nd Delivery - Sausages are maintaining their very high quality.

 Jamie Sapsford 7th June 2014 - Pork & Leek Sausages - Delicious sausages!  We bought three packs at the Devon County Show and will definitely be ordering more online.

 William 26th May 2014 - 12 Pack Special - Great sausages - the best ever!!!

 Mark Hodgson 27th March 2014 - Sausage Club Membership 2nd Delivery - The very best sausages and burgers I've ever bought, could do with more flavoured burgers to choose from :-)

 David Bitner 27th March 2014 - Pork, Apple and Cider Sausages - I had to be the first to write a review for these great sausages.  I've been a member of the club for 5 years now and these sausages are by far the best.  Nothing better than lighting the BBQ and eating these sausages with a glass of cider to accompany them.  The apple adds natural sweetness alongside a tangy hint of cider.  The pork as always good quality with the right amount of fat.  These really are great when cooked slowish on a BBQ as the sugar and pork combine to make a caramel, try them and write your own review.  

 David Bitner 27th March 2014 - Toulouse Sausages - Another favourite in our household.  These sausages score top marks and taste great on the BBQ.  We first tasted them at a show and we have been buying them ever since.  My wife, who does not like to eat too much meat finds these irresistible.  They are always on the re-order list.

 Anita 14th January 2014 - Simply the best sausages I have ever had!!

 Jacquie Pullin 14th December 2013 - Toulouse Sausages - These are the most amazing sausages I have ever tasted in my entire life. No joke! Succulent, tasty, satisfying and I definitely want more. Bought them at the Bath Christmas Market. Wish you were closer; I’d buy them every week!!

 Peter Lea  12th December 2013 - We were given membership of the Sausage Club by our son 5 years ago as an Xmas present. We have been delighted with the quality of the product and the friendly and efficient service we have experienced from the Club ever since, long may it continue.

 Annabell Hartley 11th December 2013 - We love these sausages and keep coming back. The staff are always helpful but I do wish the website was easier to use. 

 Mike Peaker 13th November 2013 - Excellent!  Delicious sausages

 Alan 5th November 2013 - Pork, Tomato & Black Pepper Sausages - Definitely my favourite!!  These were one of the first i tried several years ago and if available at the Ideal Home Shows, I always pick some up even if i have some in the freezer.

 Derrick Brown 1st October 2013 - Wild Boar & Apple Sausages - These are a truly fantastic sausage. You can eat these for breakfast or a main meal; they are just as good in a roll as well.  Your choice if you have dollop of mustard or brown sauce but these don’t need anything added, okay, maybe another sausage in a roll!! 

 Derrick Brown 1st October 2013 - I don’t know how long I have been in the Sausage Club now, it’s been a good few years though.  I saw them at the IDH years ago.  Having sausages delivered to your door on a day you pick is a great idea, no more traipsing around a supermarket looking for a decent sausage.  Great value, as well.  If you like and enjoy sausages that are succulent, fresh, you won’t find a better way of getting them.  The company maybe small but have a big reputation for quality sausages and a great choice.  They will even listen if you have an idea for a recipe. Those that aren’t in this Sausage Club don’t know what they are missing!!!!

 Derrick Brown 1st October 2013 - What a great sausage this is Pork, Venison and Mushroom. It don’t get any better than this.

 Derrick Brown 1st October 2013 - The Fire Sausage - These are fantastic in a casserole, just don't kill the heat of these sausages. These are good with sweet potato mash or sweet potato bubble and squeak, a cob of sweet corn or just in a roll as a snack or at the BBQ; just don’t let the kids near them :-)

 Martin Wilson 25th September 2013 - Brilliant present and lovely sausages!!

 Joanne Cooke 25th September 2013 - Simply Great!! Can't fault them...

 Stavroulla Andreou 27th August 2013 - The only sausages to have at your BBQ!

 Nicky Cremer 29th July 2013 - First tried the Traditional English Pork Sausages at Hickstead show jumping, Sussex.  Amazing, best sausages I have ever tasted.  Have been telling friends about them. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking at this site.

 J Shuttlewood 8th July 2013 - Traditional English Pork Sausages - I tried these sausages (several times!) at the Good Food Show.  They are the very best sausages I have ever tasted so will order some today.

 G Barnes 31st May 2013 - I sampled the homemade black pudding at Ideal Home and took some home. Now buying more, love this recipe.

 Victoria 20th May 2013 - I have been a member now for several years and you provide great sausages and a great service.  You are all very helpful and my family are sure that you make the best sausages!  Love all the different flavours. Thank you.

 Cathy 19th May 2013 -Wild Boar & Apple, my all-time favourite.  Since discovering these I never buy sausages from anywhere else! Beautiful and tasty, with or without gravy

 Jenny Harris 19th May 2013 - Love the sausages but can never get my head around the website!!!

 Donna Egbeare 19th May 2013 - Quite honestly the best Black Pudding I have ever tasted!

 Corin Bishop 8th April 2013 - Discovered at the February NEC Caravan & Leisure Show Birmingham in 2006. Joined the "Sausage Club" on 06 May 2006 and have never looked back.  Superb sausages, top quality, great taste selection and tip top packaging.  Our favourites are Pork, Venison & Mushroom and also Wild Boar & Apple, but we love them all.  Customer Service is second to none and very friendly.  Highly recommend you try them

 Helen Moores 1st April 2013 - I just wanted to let you know that 2 years ago I went to the Ideal Homes Show and bought some of your sausages and my children and I devoured them!  Since then we have been trying every kind of other sausages I come across but not once have we tasted anything as good as yours. (It's a good job we exercise a lot!) We have just come back from the show again today and brought back 11 packs with me.  As soon as we got back we started cooking. Tonight was Toulouse on my son's request and they were utterly yummy.  Can't wait to eat all the other flavours we brought back.  No way will I be buying anybody elses from now on.  What's the point when they don't taste anywhere near as nice as yours?!

 Eddie O'Sullivan 1st November 2012 - Sausage Club Membership Rejoin Bonus - Excellent sausages, looking forward to trying the Gluten Free Range.


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