5 reviewsJon24/06/2020Another superb tasting sausage. You guys are simply the best and I have plenty of friends that are saying the same thing too. Keep up the great work.


2 reviews

Maureen Hendry23/06/2020

Best sausages ever, would you be able to tell me how many calories there is in one of your English pork sausage, keep up the good work.

2 reviewsMaureen Hendry07/06/2020first tried your sausage at Costco in Gateshead Tyne & Wear,I never normally eat sausage, because I hate the thought of getting grisly bits in my mouth, your agent assured me that would never happen, my husband ordered 4 packs last month, they were beautiful,and no gristle, so now I'm hooked keep up the good work, would it be possible if you could tell me how many calories is in 1 sausage Thank you

8 reviews

John Dewar23/06/2020

Being Scottish and living in England I struggle to enjoy some Southern BP versions. This BP I found to be delicious. Cooked well and I like the outside a bit crispy and this was excellent. Luckily for me as I bought quite a few packs. Will continue to purchase from this company. So far the Pork Sausages and Black Pudding have passed the test. Will sample flavours others soon.

8 reviewsAnamaria Randall-coath23/06/2020Absolutely superb cannot be beaten

4 reviews


These went down a storm at our family BBQ on Sunday.

5 reviewsJon23/06/2020Without a doubt the best sausage I have ever tasted. Just about to order some more.

17 reviewsJohn Dewar23/06/2020Had these with mash and onion gravy last night 19/06/2020. Delicious, cooked to perfection. We have looked for a sausage supplier who maintains the quality consistently and hope this is the end of our search.

6 reviewsRoss Fairfield 29/05/2020

These arrived today and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Delicious flavours - we were very satisfied. Highly recommend

6 reviewsA Smith 29/05/2020

Fantastic! Really recommend, these are delicious.

6 reviewsIan Smith 29/05/2020

Wonderful sausages. I hope these are kept in the product range

6 reviews Nicholas Oxley 23/05/2020

Excellent product great tasting sausage

6 reviews David Lynch 11/05/2020

These are by far the best tasting burgers I have ever had. No shrinkage. The taste is amazing. Will be a regular order now.

5 reviews Roseaana 04/05/2020These burgers are to die for they are going to be a regular on my wishlist !

15 reviews David Lixton 29/04/2020

My Sausages arrived by post today - 12 Packs. What a great idea! It's great to see a family business thriving in this current climate. The products are outstanding and are of the highest quality. My whole family loves them - that includes 3 generations. There are products for everyones palate. I am looking forward to some great British weather for a BBQ extravaganza! Keep up the great work guys

14 reviews Deborah 24/04/2020

Well what a find when the weather has been good you look for BBQ food and then you look at the forecast and it could all change - these meat hampers cover all eventualities. The quality of the meat is excellent, no shrinkage or excess water coming from the products, you can certainly tell a good butcher has sourced the meat, so tender and succulent. well done Supreme!

14 reviews Paul 24/04/2020Had these last night on the BBQ very tasty and cooked perfect

14 reviews Debbie White 24/04/2020

Having come from a Pig farming background myself I should know a good pork product when I taste it and these certainly are a fantastic balance of flavours with prime pork. Fantastic!

14 reviews Ady adams 24/04/2020

Very tasty , nice rich flavours and very satisfying . Can’t wait to try more of your delights

14 reviews Christine 23/04/2020

We have had these sausages before when in Costco, but because we couldn’t wait for the next display decided to go to Supreme sausages ourselves. The most delicious sausages we have had in years. Easy ordering, quick delivery and excellent service.

14 reviews Mandi brooke 23/04/2020

Very tasty, good quality and great value. Highly recommend. Thankyou

14 reviews Jack Halliday 17/04/2020

Found this sausage company on facebook during the virus lockdown. Thought give them a try, well how pleased were we! The sausages are terrific, great variety of choice. Pork and honey were our favourite followed by Cumberland. Looking forward to trying the Red Wine and Garlic. Will definitely be ordering again.

14 reviews   Chris 24/03/2020Banging sausages will definitely be ordering more!

3 reviews Sue S 24/03/2020The best sausages money can buy

4 reviews Kim Firmin 23/03/2020

I bought a bundle at the Ideal Home Exhibition. I don’t Usually eat sausages I bought them for my husband but the sausages converted me they are delicious

4 reviews Nigel Blofield 17/03/2020

Best tasting sausages I've had in a long while

4 reviews Helen Kapila 17/03/2020

Great family packs, and tasty

4 reviews Karen 17/03/2020

Quality sausages, shame not doing Black Pudding anymore, it was the best

4 reviews Sarah 17/03/2020

Tried these at the Idea Home at Christmas. I can honestly say that these are the best sausages I have ever tasted. The Cumberland is a beautiful mix, the seasoning is just right. Most Cumberland the sage overpowers the sausage but these are absolutely perfect. 100% recommended.

4 reviews Duncan Gaskin 17/03/2020

Tried the Cumberland sausage at York Christmas market and was superb. Bought three packs on the spot and had one of them for the family fry up on Christmas Day. One of the best sausages I have ever tasted. Will be ordering some more via the website in the New Year.

4 reviews  Mark 17/03/2020

I also bought a batch of your spiced pork and honey sausages from Costco Edmonton and tried them today. Absolutely fantastic taste and very juicy! I'm a fan of your sausages and shall be ordering more when I run out of the two packs I bought! I'm definitely gonna tried them cooked low and slow on my offset smoker too!

4 reviews Alan 17/03/2020

I first tasted Supreme sausages at a promotional event in Costco Glasgow and immediately purchased two catering packs which I very much enjoyed. The casing is easily cut, the texture is perfect and the taste is excellent. All in all this is a top class product product and one you should not miss. My only adverse comment is that I have to buy in super market style packaging where as I usually buy my sausages in trade packages of fifteen.

4 reviews Jacki Smeaton 17/03/2020

Tried them at cos I loved them bought some

4 reviews Simon Reed 17/03/2020

Picked up two 1.2kg packs (Cumberland and plain) yesterday at Costco Farnborough. Like old fashioned sausages and boy they are good- no shrinkage, none of that white residue crap. Fantastic taste- best sausages that I have tasted for at least 30 years. Any near comparable quality is only available in specialist East Anglian pork butchers.

4 reviews M Treen 17/03/2020

As above, I tried the honey and Cumberland sausages at Costco in Farnborough last week, they were excellent. Very high meat content with lots of flavour. Hope you come back to Farnborough again soon.

4 reviews Jane 17/03/2020

I first tried Supreme Sausages at a foodie fair, instantly bought 10 packs and loved every one of them. Especial favourites are the chilli and honey. Can't wait for the selection box to arrive.

4 reviews Sharon Phillips 29/07/2019Supreme Sausages are always of the highest standard and we are never disappointed with the product or the service.

4 reviews Kc76 19/06/2019

Tried a sample of these in Costco today, so I went on and bought a pack. These have got to be one of the nicest sausages I’ve tasted, you can taste the herbs, and they aren’t as fatty as most sausages . Can’t wait to try the different varieties. Would recommend.

4 reviews Pete(halifax) 03/04/2019

Absolutely loved them, a nice kick of heat however still able to taste the quality of the meat. We froze ours after purchase, which seems to have assisted the heat of the chilli marinate through the sausages

4 reviews Simon 03/04/2019

Saw the team at the Ideal Home Show today. Can proudly declare these sausages the best ever tasted as vouched for by my 7-year old.

4 reviews Laura 03/04/2019

Sampled some off this sausage on Saturday at Costco Thurrock, lovley tasting sasuage served by the two polite staff , look forward to seeing you again

4 reviews Linda milczarek 03/04/2019

hi they were promoting these sausages in costco,s highly recommend i purchased two packs please try would not buy any other sausages except these 10 out of 10

4 reviews Brenda Thrower 19/02/2019

Great and tasty as alway 9/02/2019

Tried your honey &a mustard while on demo at Costco I must say that they were the nicest I have tried

4 reviews Anna 19/02/2019

Delicious sausages, will order more in the future

4 reviews Ellie Stevens 19/02/2019

Just right for two portions!

4 reviews Nigel Blofield 19/02/2019

Best tasting sausages, I 've had in a long while

4 reviews Guillaume 19/02/2019

Hi, I have tried this sausages at Costco in Milton Keynes. I have bought straight away 2 packs of sausages. It remember me the sausages I was eating in France. The best sausages I have eaten in U.K.

4 reviews Suzanne Church 19/02/2019

Bought these at Game Fair Ardingly and just had to re order online Fabulous.

4 reviews Alice 19/02/2019

I bought sausages at a show having tasted the samples. They are wonderful. The casing is superb so no need for a hacksaw to get through it. Flavour excellent. I highly recommend. Pity there isn't a shop in West Sussex!!

4 reviews Brenda Thrower 19/02/2019

Supreme Sausages have never lost there quality and goodness from the very first time I started buying them.

4 reviews Diane Thomas 29/03/2018

Eventually decided to join the Sausage Club because it was the easiest way to have a selection of the most delicious sausages in the freezer.

5 reviews joseph rodger 16/03/2018

I have enjoyed your sausages - thank you

5 reviews Emma 16/03/2018

Absolutely perfect for pigs in blankets

5 reviews Emma 16/03/2018

I bought these last year. Made fabulous pigs in blankets as well as being delicious solo. I will definitely be buying more this year.

4 reviews Jane Blackwell 16/03/2018

Bought sausages from Cheltenham Races, lovely.

5 reviews  Ellie Stevens 16/03/2018

Excellent sausages and good value too!

3 reviews John 17/10/2017

I couldn't remember where I bought these. I found them in the freezer, defrosted them and just had them for my tea. I love pork and tomato sausage, but have been forever searching for the best ones I can find. Morrisons own, were pretty good, and some from my local butcher were also up there as one of my favourites. These however, have just blown all others out if the water. The best I've ever had. So I went online and found the company that make them. Low and behold, I must have bought them at the Great Yorkshire Show. I will be buying some more. Fantastic.

6 reviews T. and D. Holman 17/10/2017

Having just returned from the 2017 Great Dorset Steam Fair after a year's absence, we were happy to find that your "Supreme" sausage stall was still there, in the food marquee, in the same spot..attended by that friendly, efficient lady on the counter along with the man who was doing the biz as well.Your sausages have to be one of the best we probably have had...well...ever! And after eating them had to return and thank them, not only for those great sausages, but for the engaging, professional service they provide..You folks are definitely on to an absolute winner!.. OH! And, of course we couldn't resist placing an order just now off your web site..Hooray for you all!!

5 reviews Brenda Parsons 17/10/2017

Beautiful sausages. I discovered them at this years Chatsworth Show. Very meaty and extremely tasty.

 Donna Waterfield 17/08/17

These sausages are the best I have ever tasted as they use fresh leek. The vension ones are good as are the cider ones. Well worth the money and fast delivery too!

 Ben 02/08/17

It is not often I will take the time to rifle through my recycling bin and take out pieces of cardboard, but in the case of external (website containing) sleeve of the packet of Supreme Sausages my family just consumed for dinner, I made an exception. So after a hearty meal of Chalgrove Pork Sausages, corn on the cob and cauliflower cheese, I am left pondering when I last had a family cooked meal that was so good. The star of the show as I'm sure you are now aware was the sausages - and after 36 years of being on this planet realising that I'm not sure I've had a better sausage. Hence my reason for emailing. On a rainy afternoon in mid Devon where I now live with my family, you must question as I did how the packet of sausages came to our table so far away. The answer is a simple one. After being brought up in Pyrton just down the road from your base, my mum still packs me off every time we visit with the best her freezer had to offer and I'm going to ring up and thank her tonight, as I do you, for introducing me to the finest sausage I've ever tasted. As a wise person said once to me (my fiance to give her just credit) said that this world is too full of stories of negativity and people highlighting flaws in each other. Well tonight, on this wet evening in Devon, you have made a family of four very happy. We wanted to tell you that you are doing an excellent job and we will be buying more of your sausages when we come to visit mum and dad at the end of August. Have a good day and keep up the good work!

 Priory Press Packaging 25/07/17

Is supreme enough hyperbole for how good these sausages are? One of our favourites!

 Natalie Nicholls 05/07/17

First met these guys are Royal Highland Show, Ingliston while I was a student, and they we giving out free samples. As you know, student + free food = instant win, but having tasted these, I parted with the scant student cash and bought some packs as the were so f**king amazing. Thus began my ongoing affair with the company.

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