Gourmet Burgers

We may be called Supreme Sausages – but when it comes to patties, we certainly know our stuff, and we have a fantastic selection of handmade gourmet burgers for you to choose from.

Stick to a classic with our British Gourmet Beef Burger; a 30-year-old recipe that will tantalise your taste buds with its seasoning and texture. Or why not try something different and tuck into our tasty veal and pork varieties? We’re always experimenting with new flavours and continuously update our range with unique limited edition packs. So be sure to keep an eye out!

All of our gourmet burgers are made from the finest cuts of meat and delicious ingredients – such as fresh herbs, tomatoes, black pepper, chilli, lemon, lime and more. They’re superb quality, super fresh, and seriously tasty. Each pack contains four 5oz patties and they’re available for speedy next day delivery.

So why not take a look? Whether you’re firing up the barbeque or just want an extra tasty lunch for the weekend, get a burger delivery from our store and experience succulent British burgers at their very best!

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