Gluten Free Sausages

Why should you miss out on the tastiest pork sausage, just because you’re gluten intolerant?

Here at Supreme Sausages, we’re incredibly proud to offer a range of delicious gluten free sausages. This range features some of our best-selling varieties, including Cumberland, Pork and Leek, Toulouse and Chalgrove’s English Pork Sausage. And despite being made from gluten free sausage meat – with wheatflour swapped for an alternative – they all boast the same beautiful flavours.

So, why not get out your recipe book? Toad in the hole. Sausage cassoulet. Bangers and mash. BBQ hotdogs. Thanks to our gluten free pork sausages, whether you have an allergy or not, you can enjoy them all (without paying over the odds for the pleasure!). Take a look today. Give them a try.

They’re succulent, meaty, yummy – and, we promise, you won’t be able to tell the difference…

Please note that Gluten free Sausages are produced the last week of each month, for delivery on the last Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday