Pork and Homemade Black Pudding Sausages

Supreme Sausages 400g- 6 Sausages per pack
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The team have been working hard to bring a new flavour to the Supreme Sausage range, we received tons of emails with suggestion for a new flavour. After trailing three different ones our Pork and Homemade Black Pudding variety won and will now be available for a limited time only!!

Our Pork and Homemade Black Pudding Sausages are made using fresh prime British pork, We start by creating the Chalgrove English Pork mixture adding a sprinkle of pepper. Finally the freshly diced Black Pudding is folded into the mixture to keep the texture and coarseness of the pudding creating the ultimate breakfast sausage just add bacon and eggs

UK Pork (80%), Water, Rusk WHEATFLOUR, Seasoning (Salt, Fortifed WHEATFLOUR)

Containes Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamine) Dextrose, Preservative E221 (Sulphites),

Spices (white pepper, Nutmeg.) Emulsifer E451. Flavour Enhancer E621, Spice Extracts,

Antioxidants E301) Black Pepper, Natural Pork Casings. Dried Blood (porcine) Oatmeal, Dried Onion