Our Story

Supreme Sausages was established in 1989 by Paul Garnish. Paul started work for a local butcher in 1976, first as a Saturday boy, then as an apprentice and finally taking up full time employment in 1979.

Most of Paul’s days were taken up as the assistant to one of the two elderly sausage makers within the shop. His fascination and willingness to learn soon made Paul an accomplished sausage maker in his own right, extracting knowledge handed down from past generations coupled with his own enthusiasm. Paul started to create his own recipes, eventually taking over the running of the manufacturing operation on the retirement of his peers. Encouraged by his boss Michael, Paul continued to create new recipes and methods of manufacture, winning many awards and accolades for his unique range of sausages along the way, most notably gold medals within the Q Guild of Butchers and a silver medal out of 6000 entries in Utrecht, Holland before founding ‘Supreme Sausages’ in 1989.


Supreme Sausages is a small family run business, who pride themselves in supplying the nation with the very finest Great British sausages. Ranging from the award winning traditional sausage to the more gourmet variety.

Supreme Sausages has three generations of the family working to produce the Great British Bangers. After 20 years perfecting our recipes we now have 10 mouth-watering varieties, using only quality British farmed pork, fresh herbs, spices, chilli, garlic, tomatoes, apples, mushrooms, honey and also wine and filled into hog casings the old fashioned way.

Our mail order service allows you to order from the comfort of your own home straight to your front door, hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy our wide selection of the finest Great British Sausages