Cumberland Pork Chipolatas

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Our Cumberland style chipolata sausages are made using rosemary, parsley, thyme and sage, with a little mixed spice and some cracked black pepper. It is essential we get the balance of seasoning just right, so no individual ingredient overpowers any other, producing our very own wonderful unique Cumberland style Chipolatas. Being one of the best known Great British Sausages of all time, the Cumberland sausage has been a local speciality in Cumbria for around 500 years. It is not known how the Cumberland sausage came to acquire its special shape and taste. Historically, the sausage was more seasoned than it is today. These days, there are many different varieties and shapes of the Cumberland sausage that are produced throughout the United Kingdom.

Storage Guidelines
Keep refrigerated. Once open, keep refrigerated and consume within 24hours. Do not exceed the use by date. Always store uncooked meat covered and lower in the fridge than cooked meat. Suitable for freezing. Freeze on day of purchase and consume within 12 months. Defrost thoroughly in a fridge before cooking and use within 24hours. Once defrosted, do not re-freeze

Wash and dry hands thoroughly before and after handling raw or cooked meat.

UK Pork (80%), Water, Rusk, Seasoning (Salt, Fortified Wheatflour (contains calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamine), Dextrose, Preservative E221 (Sulphites), Spices (white pepper, nutmeg), Emulsifier E451, Flavour Enhancer E621, Spice Extracts, Antioxidants E301). Black Pepper, Mixed Herbs, Spice,

Natural Pork Casings

ALLERGENS: Rusk, Sulphite, Wheat